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This isNovaProsp. Your growth partner

No, we are not just another Marketing Agency: we are Growth Boosters.

With our innovative technique that combines Marketing and Consulting we manage to skyrocket the results of our clients.


What do we offer you?

Growth Pack Complete

Digital marketing

Our team of Digital Marketing specialists is in charge of managing your campaigns on Meta and Google to boost sales.

Operational Consulting

Many times we focus on selling, but we do not worry about whether our structure can support that growth. Thanks to our experience working with StartUps, we have seen and analyzed patterns that were repeated in all of them and, in the majority, led to future problems. 

Growth Pack

If we add Sales Increase and Operational Strategy we obtain the formula for success. We develop a strategy to support growth and analyze and improve deficiencies and patterns that can lead to problems in the not so distant future...

And the question is...Why?

We understand how exciting the world of entrepreneurship is, the desire to create, innovate and grow. And it is a shame to see how there are promising projects that fail or die of success because they do not know how to manage that growth well. That is why at NovaProsp we offer the definitive solution to the Achilles heel of most StartUps, so that you can focus on directing the project and continue creating, with the peace of mind that the tower you have been building is not going to fall apart. .


Do we take action?

That is howwe work

InNovaProsp We believe that one of the keys to success is the communication and trust. That is why we work with our clients from within, being one more in their team, who contributes and rows to boost the results.

Do you want to know what the process will be like?

1. First contact, we meet and talk about your business.

2. We design a100% personalized strategy and adapted to your needs.

3. We getlet's do it! Both with advertising campaigns and with the operational strategy!

4. We share results, opinions and sensations. In communication is theprogress!

5. We reap the fruits, analyze, adjust the strategy andWe keep growing!

Does it seem too simple to you?....It is! When you are sure of what you do, the limits disappear.

"How big would your goals be if you knew you weren't going to fail?"

Most of the time, we are our own limit

Do we put a face to NovaProsp?

Let's worktogether

Sergi Sanchez


Thanks to my experience asCFO and analyst forStartups, I have managed to develop astrategythat avoids the mistakes that most of them made and that could only be learned withexperience.




Marketing Performance


Ismail Mokadim


After years working side by side withonline stores andStartupsin the EMEA market, I have been able to reduce costsand increase salesin +1.5Mof euros.

Sales management

Digital marketing

Meta and Google Ads



Let's keep in contact?

Let's connect!

We would love to hear from you! They say that a big change starts with a small step, let's start here!

Gracias por iniciar el camino del éxito!

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